Tourist Information in Taman Negara

Park Information Counter

Located in the building 100m north of the resort reception, you must register here and buy various permits before entering the park, including photography permits (even for mobile phones; fines of up to RM10,000...

Tourist Information in Bukit Bintang, KLCC & Pudu

Malaysia Tourism Centre

Provides information on KL and tourism across Malaysia. There's also a free cultural dance show (3pm Monday to Saturday) staged at the theatre here.

Tourist Information in Kapit

Resident’s Office

A permit for upriver travel takes just a few minutes to issue. Staff cannot provide information on visiting longhouses. The office is 3.6km west of the centre; to get there, take a minibus from the southeastern...

Travel Agency in Taman Negara

Danz Travel & Adventures

At the riverside end of the road in Kuala Tahan, Danz provides information on onward transport including its own boat transfers back to Jerantut. However, like many tourist information providers in Kuala Tahan...

Travel Agency in Jerantut

Han Travel

Han Travel runs tours to Taman Negara, the National Elephant Conservation Centre and a variety of other expeditions as well as operating Han Rainforest Resort in Kuala Tahan (Taman Negara). Han Travel also runs...

Laundry in Cameron Highlands

New Highlands Laundry

Your clothes are muddy and sweaty and the damp air won't allow for a hasty sink-wash and air-dry. Fortunately this efficient laundry (3kg laundry RM7) takes grubby gear and returns it fresh and clean. Hand them...

Tourist Information in Kota Kinabalu

Sabah Tourism Board

Housed in the historic post-office building, KK's excellent tourist office has plenty of brochures, maps and knowledgeable staff keen to help with advice tailored around your needs. The website is packed with...

Tourist Information in Kuching

National Park Office

Located 9km southeast of Kuching Waterfront at the time of writing, but a move to the Old Courthouse was being considered. Check at Kuching's visitor centre for the latest. To reach Sama Jaya by Grab costs around...

Tourist Information in Forest Research Institute Malaysia

FRIM Visitor Information Centre

Consult park maps and gather ideas for how to spend your time in the park – note that activities must be reserved seven days ahead. Attached is a shop selling water, souvenirs and forestry books, plus a range of...

Booking Service in Lahad Datu

Danum Valley Field Centre

Danum Valley Field Centre has an office in the upper part of town – known as Taman Fajar, or Fajar Centre – where you can book accommodation and transport. The office can be slow responding to lodging enquiries....

Tourist Information in Maliau Basin Conservation Area

Shell Maliau Basin Reception

The Maliau Basin reception and information centre is just off the road between Tawau and Keningau. There's an information centre (inexplicably closed when we visited because no one had the key) and security booth...

Consulate in Kuching

Indonesian Consulate

To get here from Saujana Bus Station (RM2.50), take City Public Link bus K8 (every 30 to 45 minutes) to 'Jln Song/Friendship Park' or Sarawak Transport Company's buses 8G1, 8G2 or 8G3. A taxi from the centre...

Post in Kuala Lipis

Post Office

The historic post office dates to 1910; the front door used to face the main road, but after a major flood in 1971, it was shifted to the side. Note the milestone outside the building on the pavement which says...

Tourist Information in Kuala Terengganu

Tourist Information Office

This office was closed for renovations at the time of research, but is due to be reopened in early 2019. Visitors can expect it to provide maps and brochures as well as up-to-date information on cultural...

Internet in Bario

Pusat Internet

Community wi-fi and desktop PCs in a slick building close to the shops and adjacent to the Tom Harrison monument. Visitors need to pay a one-off access fee of RM5. Note that wi-fi is only available in close...

Medical in Bario

Klinik Kesihatan Bario

Located at the Airport Rd intersection, Bario’s innovative, ecologically sustainable rural health clinic, powered by solar energy, has one doctor, two paramedics, a dispensary (small pharmacy), and a helicopter...

Tourist Information in George Town

Ministry of Tourism

The government tourist office provides general tourism information on the country as a whole. Nearby, the agency's Penang branch provides state-specific information.

Bank in Kuching

Mohamed Yahia & Sons

No commission, good rates and accepts over 30 currencies (including US$100 bills), as well as traveller's cheques in US dollars, euros, Australian dollars and pounds sterling. Situated inside the bookshop.