Scuba Junkie Mabul Beach Resort

Top choice resort in Pulau Mabul

The most eco-conscious of all Pulau Mabul's lodges, this place attracts a younger international crowd. Superfresh chalets come with porches and bathrooms, dorms are airy and of a good size, plus there's a welcoming central gazebo that houses the restaurant, and a lively bar upstairs where Scuba Junkie does presentations on its many eco-marine causes. Seven Sipadan slots daily.

Divers (but not snorkellers) who book with Scuba Junkie get a 25% discount on packages.

Scuba Junkie is involved in turtle conservation (with on-site hatchery), shark conservation and community education and outreach. It organises beach cleanups and invites Bajau ladies to come and sell crafts that don't involve endangered marine creatures. Rainwater is collected for showers and buffet meals don't serve fish or seafood (due to it being caught using unsustainable fishing practices).