Top Choice Historic Building in George Town

Cheah Kongsi

Looking splendid after a recent major restoration, Cheah Kongsi is home to the oldest Straits Chinese clan association in Penang. The ornate front of the clanhouse can be seen clearly across a grassy lawn from Lebuh…
Top Choice Historic Building in George Town

Khoo Kongsi

This spectacular clanhouse is one of the most impressive in George Town. Guided tours begin at the stone carvings that dance across the entrance hall and pavilions, many of which symbolise or are meant to attract go…
Top Choice Historic Building in George Town

Blue Mansion

Now one of Penang's most authentic heritage hotels, the magnificent 38-room, 220-window 'Blue Mansion' was built in the 1880s and rescued from ruin in the 1990s. It blends Eastern and Western designs with louvred wi…
Top Choice Museum in George Town

Pinang Peranakan Mansion & Straits Chinese Jewelry Museum

This ostentatious, mint-green structure is among the most stunning restored residences in George Town. A self-guided tour reveals that every door, wall and archway is carved and often painted in gold leaf; the grand…
Landmark in George Town

Lebuh Armenian

Although this street is named for Penang's Armenian population (such as the famous Sarkies who established the Eastern & Oriental Hotel), there's no evidence that any Armenians actually ever lived here. In the e…
Historic Building in George Town

Lim Kongsi

Set up in 1860, this clanhouse is also known as Kew Leong Tong, which means Hall of Nine Dragons. The association is open to anyone with the surname Lim, no matter their origin, and is the only clanhouse in Penang w…
Temple in George Town

Mahindarama Temple

The Sinhalese Mahindarama Temple attracts an English-educated crowd. There are talks on Zen Buddhism and meditation sessions held here – see the website for details.
Gallery in George Town

Penang State Art Gallery

The gallery is housed in Dewan Sri Pinang, the island’s first multi-purpose hall, which is also a focal point of the George Town Festival. There are two galleries: a permanent collection of painting at level 3 and a…
Church in George Town

St George’s Church

Behind the Supreme Court, this gracefully proportioned building, with its marble floor and towering spire, was built in 1818, making it Southeast Asia's oldest Anglican church. In the grounds there is an elegant lit…
Temple in George Town

Tan Kongsi

Tan is one of Penang's most common surnames. Built in 1878, the ornate interior of this temple of the Tan clan is reminiscent of Khoo Kongsi (Penang's most famous and ornate clanhouse). It was under restoration at t…