Top Choice Music in Kuching

Rainforest World Music Festival

This three-day gathering, one of the world's great music festivals, is held in the Sarawak Cultural Village. International artists, who usually perform music that is traditional in their country, hold informal works…
Top Choice Food & Drink in Kuching

Kuching Festival

A huge food extravaganza with hundreds of stalls selling a whole range of meals and snacks – from Mongolian barbecue to Vietnamese spring rolls and deep-fried ice cream. Held in the park in front of the Kuching City…
Performing Arts in George Town

George Town Festival

Not to be missed, this month-long arts and performance festival brings top international talent to the city and premieres exciting new local works.
Music in Lake Gardens, Brickfields & Bangsar


Meaning 'festive' in Bahasa Malaysia, Riuh combines a pop-up goods and food market with live music and other performances in a monthly celebration showcasing local creative talents. There's often a theme and there m…
Cultural in George Town

Hungry Ghost Festival

The gates of hell are said to be opened every year on the 15th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. To appease the hungry ghosts, Penangites set out food offerings and endeavour to entertain them …
Religious in Melaka City

Vesak Day Parade

Vesak Day celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha on the first full moon of the fourth month of the Chinese calendar. It's marked in Melaka City with a large and colourful parade that goes along vari…
Sports in Mt Kinabalu & Kinabalu National Park

Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon

So you've climbed Mt Kinabalu in two days and found it a breeze? Want a bigger challenge? Then sign up for the Climbathon, a vertical marathon of 2500m. Fastest times in 2017 were 3:04:30 for women and 2:18:28 for m…
Religious in Melaka City

Masimugam Festival

A Melakan version of Thaipusam, just as gory but without the crowds, takes place shortly after Chinese New Year. A procession heads from Sri Poyatha Venayagar Moorthi Temple in Chinatown to Kampong Cheng, about 15km…
New Year in George Town

Chinese New Year

Celebrated with particular gusto in George Town. The Khoo Kongsi is done up for the event, and dance troupes and Chinese-opera groups perform all over the city.
Art in Melaka City

Melaka Art & Performance Festival

This performance, arts and film fest draws artists from around the world to liven up Bukit St Paul and Melaka City's historical sites for three days in late November.