Welcome to Endau-Rompin National Park

The park’s lowland forests are among the last in Peninsular Malaysia and have been identified as harbouring unique varieties of plant life including enormous umbrella palms, with their characteristic fan-shaped leaves, and Livinstona endanensis, a species of palm with serrated circular leaves.

The park is also Malaysia’s last refuge of Sumatran rhinoceros and tigers, although these roam only within the park’s remote areas. Herds of elephants are sometimes spotted near Kampung Peta around sunset. The park's birds include red jungle fowl, the black hornbill and the grey wagtail. Monkeys cackle in the trees.

The majority of travellers arrive on tours arranged by private operators but it's just as easy (and less expensive) to organise a trip through the park itself. A good first stop is the Johor National Parks Corporation office, who can help you get in touch with the appropriate park office.

There are two main entryways to the park, the principal one at Kampung Peta, accessed from Kahang, and a less-developed one at Selai, about a 40-minute drive from the town of Bekok. No trails link the the two areas so you have to choose to base yourself at one or the other. A third, lesser-used entry is in Pahang province 26km from Kuala Rompin and is not managed by the Johor Parks Corporation.

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