Booking Service in Lahad Datu

Danum Valley Field Centre

Danum Valley Field Centre has an office in the upper part of town – known as Taman Fajar, or Fajar Centre – where you can book accommodation and transport. The office can be slow responding to lodging enquiries. Boo…
Tourist Information in Maliau Basin Conservation Area

Shell Maliau Basin Reception

The Maliau Basin reception and information centre is just off the road between Tawau and Keningau. There's an information centre (inexplicably closed when we visited because no one had the key) and security booth wh…
Bank in Sandakan


In addition to a full-service bank and ATM, a sidewalk currency-exchange window is open 9am to 5pm daily for changing cash and travellers cheques.
Medical in Semporna

Decompression Chamber

There is a decompression chamber at the naval base 14km southwest of Semporna.
Bank in Semporna


Be careful when withdrawing money from this ATM, especially in the evening.
Tourist Information in Tawau

Maliau Basin Conservation Area Authority

Can provide information on and help arrange visits to the Maliau Basin.
Consulate in Tawau

Indonesian Consulate

A 60-day tourist visa costs RM170 and requires two passport photos.
Hospital in Sandakan

Duchess of Kent Hospital

Public hospital providing emergency care.
Bank in Sandakan

Wang Liau Chun Mii Moneychanger

Cash-only money changer.
Police in Sandakan


Police headquarters.