Top things to do

Chinese in Bukit Fraser

Hill View

The family that has run this stall for a couple of generations serves up simple dishes from salted-fish rice to braised bean curd and various veggie specials.
Pub in Bukit Fraser

Scott’s Pub & Restaurant

A pleasingly accurate rendition of a British country pub stands on the corner of Bukit Fraser's main roundabout, complete with fireplace, wood beams, Manchester United scarves and Fuller's London Pride.
Sports in Bukit Fraser

International Bird Race

Bukit Fraser hosts an International Bird Race in which teams of bird-watchers compete to observe and record the highest number of species in a set time period.
Museum in Bukit Fraser

Bird Interpretive Centre

For an overview of the birding scene, visit the Bird Interpretive Centre on the 2nd floor of the golf-course clubhouse, across the village square. Hours are spotty; ask at the Puncak Inn if it isn't open.
Malaysian in Bukit Fraser

Restoran Arzed

A friendly, family-run place at the Food Garden hawker centre, a 10-minute walk uphill from the clock tower. Come here for a choice of Western and Asian dishes: lamb chops, fish 'n' chips, Singapore noodles and vill…
Waterfall in Bukit Fraser

Jeriau Waterfall

About 4km northwest of the town centre, along Jln Air Terjun, is Jeriau Waterfall, where you can swim. It’s a 20-minute climb from the road to reach the falls.