Bukit Fraser’s main attraction is its abundant flora and fauna, particularly birdlife – 270 species have been spotted here, an astonishing 205 of which are endemic to Malaysia. Striking (and rare) natives include the crested, black-and-white Blyth's hawk-eagle and green magpie.

During the bird migratory season from October to April, it is possible to spot the Siberian thrush and mugimaki flycatcher, birds that fly south to escape winter in the northern hemisphere.


With average temperatures between 17°C and 25°C, Bukit Fraser has the perfect climate for walking. A number of trails can be accessed from the main village area, or you can simply stroll alongside the main roads – traffic is light and Malaysian drivers tend to be very polite. Pick up a map with trail information from the front desk of Puncak Inn, or snap a pic of the large maps along the main road. Most hikes, being former bridleways or survey trails, are pretty straightforward and clearly signposted so you're unlikely to get lost.


Pedal boats can be hired (RM8 per 15 minutes) to explore Allan’s Waters, a former reservoir.