Orou Sapulot

Top choice adventure

in Batu Punggul

A two- to three-night adventure encompasses Romol Eco Village, a Murut longhouse homestay; the Pungiton Caves, an extensive cavern system with underground rivers; an eco-camp by Pungiton located on a riverbank; and finally a sweat-inducing climb up Batu Punggul, a 600m limestone outcrop, followed by a rapid shoot downriver all the way to the Kalimantan border in a motorised canoe.

Other packages may include swimming in waterfalls, jungle trekking, sampling rice wine and various cultural activities.

Set up by Silas Gunting, a descendant of the local Murut, Orou is one of the most innovative ecotourism projects in the state, and offers one of the most varied, best-value adventures in Sabah. By employing local Murut and encouraging their families to keep their lands for ecotourism purposes rather than selling them to palm-oil and timber companies, Orou is providing a sustainable income for the communities of Sabah's interior.

The prices here are estimated rates that take in all/some of the activities mentioned above. To share costs, bigger groups are best, but if you're a solo visitor, ask when booking if there are other groups to join. In KK Adventure Alternative Borneo and Sticky Rice Travel are Orou Sapulot's preferred booking agencies.