Ferry in Batang Rejang

Express Boat

Heading upriver, departures begin around 5.45am from Sibu (RM85, 11 hours) and around 9.30am from Kapit (RM55, 4½ hours). Coming downriver, the boat leaves Belaga at about 7.30am. The planned 2020 opening of a new r…
Ferry in Kapit

Kapit Passenger Terminal

This busy terminal has a decent cafe to wait around in until your departure. Note that ferry tickets are purchased next door in the Petronas petrol station.
Ferry in Kapit

Kapit Town Square Jetty

An express boat heads upriver to Belaga (RM55, 4½ hours) from this jetty. Other destinations served by this jetty include Balleh (9km) and Puttai (93km).
Boat in Kapit

Jeti RC Kubu

Private longboats heading to longhouses that are accessible only by river can be found at this jetty.