Batang Rejang restaurants

Malaysian in Belaga

Syarikat Kim Guan Huat Trading

Sharing signage with an electronics shop next door, this friendly Chinese-owned kopitiam (coffee shop) is Belaga's best place for breakfast before a jungle hike or onward travel. The wantan sup (wonton soup) and lak…
Bakery in Kapit

Famous Bakery

Freshly baked Chinese and Western-style pastries, cakes, mini pizzas and other easy-to-pack day-trip picnic fare or on-the-river snacks for the boat trip to Belaga. Don't miss the unique sausage-and-bun satay on a s…
Chinese in Kapit

Soon Kit Café

An old-time kopitiam (coffee shop) with laksa (RM7) in the morning and excellent nasi goreng (fried rice; RM5) and cheap cold beer (RM3 to RM5). Push the boat out with the special laksa (RM9), topped with omelette a…
Malaysian in Kapit

Night Market

Delicious satay and barbecue chicken are the highlights of this night market, which moved to a new riverside location in 2018.
Malaysian in Belaga

Crystal Cafe

Owned by an Iban-Kenyah family, Crystal Cafe is a good bet for a simple meal of mee goreng (fried noodles; RM4), laksa Sarawak (RM5), nasi lemak ayam (chicken with rice cooked in coconut milk; RM6) or nasi ayam peny…
Hawker in Belaga

Night Market

An outdoor food court a block behind Main Bazaar with six stalls selling Kayan, Kenyah and Malay food. Look for Robina's stall selling delicious ginger chicken (RM6).
Hawker in Kapit

Gelanggang Kenyalang

An indoor food court off Jln Penghulu Nyanggau with Malay and Chinese stalls. A good, if gloomy, place for breakfast laksa or roti canai (flaky flat bread).