Checking flights...


Bario Airport is linked with Miri twice a day by Twin Otters operated by MASwings. Weather, especially high winds, sometimes causes delays and cancellations. For flight updates, or if you’re having a problem making a flight out of Bario, just ring the friendly staff at the airport. MASwings also has one flight a week (on Thursday) to/from Ba Kelalan.

Twin Otters have strict weight limits – so much so that checked baggage is limited to 10kg and hand luggage to 5kg; passengers themselves are weighed on a giant scale along with their hand luggage when they check in.

The airport is about a 30-minute walk south of the shophouses, but you’re bound to be offered a lift on arrival. As you’ll notice, the people of Bario treat the air link to Miri almost like their own private airline and love dropping by to meet flights and hang out with arriving or departing friends.


The overland trip between Bario and Miri, possible only by 4WD (around RM150 per person), takes 12 hours at the very least and sometimes a lot more, the determining factors being the weather and the condition of the rough logging roads and their old wooden bridges. When things get ugly, vehicles travel in convoy so that when one gets stuck the others can push or winch it out. Don't say you weren't warned.