Balik Pulau restaurants

Top Choice Malaysian in Balik Pulau

Nan Guang

Locals come here for laksa asam – thick rice noodles in a tart, herbaceous fish-based broth, with mint leaves, pineapple slivers, onions and fresh chillies – or laksa siam, in which the tartness is tempered with a d…
Malaysian in Balik Pulau

Cafe Ko Cha Bi Balik Pulau

Run by friendly folk, this pleasantly decorated cafe serves a very tasty range of local dishes including a delicious laksa, Hakka rice and noodles and desserts such as ais kacang (syrup- and coconut-milk-topped ice …
Seafood in Balik Pulau

Jia Siang Cafe

Buy fish and other seafood at the nearby market stalls in Pulau Betong village and bring them to this simple shack of a cafe to be cooked as you like, for around R15 per head. Tough to navigate if you don't speak Ma…