Southern Comforts

  • 3 Weeks

The southern end of Peninsular Malaysia is no slouch in offering up a diverse range of travel experiences, plus there’s easy access to and from Singapore, the logical start and finish to this trip.

Leave yourself several days to soak up the island state of Singapore's manifold attractions. If you’re strapped for cash then Johor Bahru just across the causeway is a cheaper base. It’s a decent hangout, not least for street food and nearby Legoland.

The lethargic riverside town of Muar has a colonial-era district that’s worth a look, and can be used as a base for assaults on Gunung Ledang, Johor’s highest mountain, located within the Gunung Ledang National Park. Recover in Unesco World Heritage Site–listed Melaka where you can spend several days enjoying the enduring Portuguese and Dutch influence.

Explore the last remaining stands of lowland forest on the peninsula in Endau-Rompin National Park. Stunning Pulau Tioman is the epitome of an island paradise. Alternatively, indulge in some island-hopping and diving around the 64 gems of the Seribuat Archipelago.