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Women Travellers

Malawi is generally a safe destination for women travelling alone or with other women and you can anticipate few problems. In fact, many women travellers report that, compared to North Africa, South America and numerous Western countries, Malawi feels relatively safe and unthreatening.

If you are hassled by men, firmly decline their advances and you’ll usually be left alone. If you want to go out at night apply the same common sense that you would at home.

Malawian women dress conservatively, whether in traditional or Western clothes, so when a visitor wears something significantly different from the norm, she will draw attention. Revealing too much flesh will be seen as provocative by some men. Wearing short shorts or a bikini is acceptable on the beach in tourist areas, but elsewhere it will meet with disapproval.

As a sign of respect, cover your legs as far as your knees when visiting the market, heading out and about in town and so on. The locals appreciate the effort and it will help avoid unwanted male attention.