Books in Blantyre

Central Africana Bookshop

This long-running bookshop on two levels has an excellent selection of Africana, ranging from dusty old tomes to coffee-table books, and from novels and guidebooks to a section dedicated to Livingstone.

Arts & Crafts in Blantyre

Mandala House

Situated in Mandala House, the oldest colonial dame in the city, this eclectic gallery features vividly coloured, contemporary work by local artists, as well as sculpture, old maps and prints, and huge, carved...

Arts & Crafts in Zomba

African Heritage

Buy your souvenirs – including woodcarvings, mobiles, jewellery, baskets, soft toys, books, CDs, local coffee and even beaded crocodiles – in a hassle-free environment. Part of African Heritage's turnover goes to...

Arts & Crafts in Blantyre

African Habitat

For high-end craft hunters, this cavernous boutique is a good bet for everything from beadwork to bags.

Arts & Crafts in Blantyre

Craft Stalls

There are good craft stalls under an awning next to the salmon-coloured Malawi Savings Bank building. The work on sale is excellent and browsing is refreshingly hassle free.

Books in Blantyre

Central Bookshop

A wide selection of fiction, kids' illustrated books, potboilers, biographies, guidebooks, maps and international magazines.

Mall in Blantyre

Uta Waleza Centre

With a few design shops and an excellent bookshop, Uta Waleza is a good place to buy presents and souvenirs.

Mall in Blantyre

Chichiri Shopping Mall

Has a pharmacy, an electronics retailer, a gift shop, a stationery store, a bookshop and branches of Game and Shoprite supermarkets.