Top ChoiceInternational in Cape Maclear

Gecko Lounge

At this lodge's stunning restaurant, grab a wicker chair on the terrace perched above the water. The kitchen is well known for its pizzas (from MK5300), which feature some interesting toppings such as kampango as...

National Park in Cape Maclear

Lake Malawi National Park

Lake Malawi National Park

Much of the area around Cape Maclear, including several offshore islands, is part of Lake Malawi National Park, one of Africa's few freshwater aquatic parks and a Unesco World Heritage Site. When organising...

Sports in Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear Triathlon

This swimming, cycling and running contest began in 2015 and took place again the following year, with proceeds going to local NGOs and charities. The course includes both the lake and the national park, and the...

Cafe in Cape Maclear

Thumbi View Lodge

On the lane opposite Thumbi View's gate, this cafe serves light meals and snacks such as vegetable curry, spaghetti Bolognese, lasagne, fish, burgers and toasted sandwiches. Book by 1pm to join the set dinner,...

Cemetery in Cape Maclear

Missionary Graves

Just before the Lake Malawi National Park gate is a sign pointing to a path, which leads towards the hills overlooking the bay. A few hundred metres up is a memorial (vandalised, sadly) and a plaque on the rock,...

International in Cape Maclear

Mgoza Restaurant

With shaded palapa (palm-leaf) shelters in a garden facing the lake, this is a cool spot to chat in the friendly bar or chill outside and take dinner.

Malawian in Cape Maclear

Thomas's Grocery, Restaurant & Bar

This local gathering place comprises a shop and a bar with shaded seating and a reggae soundtrack. Simple dishes such as omelette, spaghetti, and beans with chapati or nsima are offered, and the shop sells...

Italian in Cape Maclear

Mphipe Lodge

For a different take on lake fish, Mphipe serves it in pasta dishes. Malawian staples such as kampango (catfish) and nsima (filling porridge-like dish made from white maize flour and water) are also on the menu....

Bar in Cape Maclear

Beach Boys Bar

Announced by a smoking barbecue and blaring beats, this popular hangout has a big, sandy arena for dancing and a pool table. Come in the evening to chat to local guys drinking beer from cartons.

Bar in Cape Maclear

Rylo's Stopover

Decorated with British football insignia and Beyoncé pin-ups, this local hangout also has seating under shady trees at the rear. Dishes (mains MK5000) such as beef curry and fried chambo are on offer.

Landmark in Cape Maclear

Mwala Wa Mphini

This huge rock, crisscrossed with eroded grooves resembling tribal facial scars, is signposted from the main road. You can walk the 4km to this National Monument from Cape Maclear.

Museum in Cape Maclear

Museum and Aquarium

At the Lake Malawi National Park headquarters, inside the park gate, the visitor centre doubles as a small museum and sickly aquarium. The museum charts the area’s history, covering Livingstone’s work in Africa...