Mozambique: Chambo Ferry

Operated by the Malawi Shipping Company, the Chambo connects Metangula (Mozambique) with Likoma Island, Chizumulu and Nkhata Bay. It leaves Metangula at 5am on Wednesday, and reaches Likoma around 11.30am, Chizumulu around 12.30pm and Nkhata Bay around 2pm.

On the return journey, it leaves at 5am on Thursday, stops in Chizumulu around 7.30am and Likoma around 9am, and departs Likoma around 2pm to reach Metangula around 8pm.

There's also a Saturday service just to/from Likoma, leaving Metangula at 5am and arriving on the island around 11.30am. It returns on Sunday at 1.30pm, arriving in Metangula around 8pm.

The Chambo also heads south from Metangula to Chipoka via Makanjila and Senga Bay, leaving at 5am on Monday, passing Senga Bay around 6.30pm and arriving in Chipoka around 9pm. It returns north at 5am on Tuesday, passing Senga Bay around 7am and reaching Metangula around 8pm.

Malawian and Mozambican immigration officers both board the Chambo to issue exit/entry stamps and visas. You can check for timetable changes at