Top things to do in Nkhata Bay

Top Choice Thai in Nkhata Bay

Kaya Papaya

Close to the harbour, with a big upstairs balcony overlooking the main street, Kaya Papaya has an appealing Afro-Asian-fusion chic that's matched by a menu of zesty salads, pizza and Thai fare such as green curry, c…
Beach in Nkhata Bay

Chikale Beach

On the southern side of Nkhata Bay, Chikale Beach is a popular spot for swimming and lazing on the sand, especially at weekends. After church on Sunday, the locals set up a speaker stack and enjoy a few beers.
Cafe in Nkhata Bay

One Love

At One Love, with an unbeatable view of the bay, Kelvin the Rasta serves cold beers and simple dishes such as chapattis, nsima (a filling porridge-like dish made from white maize flour and water) and beans (mains MK…
Malawian in Nkhata Bay

Crest View

Thrifty travellers appreciate this local hang-out with football on the TV and a good view of the action happening on the main street. Nsima (a filling porridge-like dish made from white maize flour and water) with b…
Supermarket in Nkhata Bay

Peoples Supermarket

For self-catering, the Peoples Supermarket on the main drag sells toiletries, biscuits and milk.
Malawian in Nkhata Bay

Hot Spot

With plenty of local characters frequenting it, this simple eatery has vibrant red walls and sits on the main drag by the harbour. Authentic Malawian fare like fresh fish, beef, nsima, beans and rice is on offer.
Indian in Nkhata Bay

Take Away Palace

Run by a local Indian family, the Palace has seating in a diner-style interior or outside. Feast on a menu spanning Northern Indian cuisine and Western dishes. It also does takeaways. Near the harbour.