Nkhata Bay in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

Travellers have been mugged when walking outside the town centre (in particular to and from Chikale Beach and the surrounding lodges at night), so take extra care when walking this route as it's unlit and can be quite deserted. Muggings have subsided thanks to police efforts, but it's best to walk with another guest or a staff member from your lodge after dark.

Most travellers will encoun­ter a fair amount of hassle from Rastas and beach boys offering a bewildering range of services and stimulants. If you’re not interested, be polite but firm and they should leave you alone.

Police Stations

Internet Access

Most accommodation offers wi-fi.

L-Net Internet Cafe


There’s nowhere to change money, but there are two banks with ATMs located next to FMB bank at the top of the hill. The ATMs accept Visa but not MasterCard. Alternatively, some of the lodges accept credit cards and US dollars.