Mzuzu in detail

Flights & getting there

AXA buses leave at 5pm for Blantyre (MK8000, 13 hours) via the lakeshore, and at 7am for Karonga (MK4000, four hours). AXA departs at 7pm for Lilongwe (MK7000, four hours).

Minibuses and shared taxis go to Nkhata Bay (MK1500, one to two hours), Karonga (MK4000, four hours), Chitimba (MK2000, 2½ hours), Rumphi (MK2000, one hour) and the Tanzanian border (MK5200, five hours).

Bus Station

Local Minibuses


If you need to repair your vehicle, there's a well-stocked Hardware Market, where the many shopkeepers can sell you all manner of parts and recommend mechanics.

Petrol Stations