Top Choice Mall in Lilongwe

Four Seasons Centre

An oasis of fine dining and upscale shopping, featuring clothing and design boutiques, a couple of bars, restaurants and a tempting cafe, Four Seasons is a restful one-stop shop.
Books in Lilongwe

Central Africana

Has a small selection of English-language novels, pictorial travel books and some very nice prints of Malawi for keepsakes.
Photography in Lilongwe

Lee Photo Studio

Prints photos, takes passport-sized pics, sells phones, batteries and cameras.
Books in Lilongwe


Excellent secondhand bookshop with a wide range of recent bestsellers, classics and travel books.
Arts & Crafts in Lilongwe


Selling a range of recycled mahogany and glass tables, stylish natural-coloured linen chemises, bespoke jewellery, hand-woven throws, bags and pashminas, Ishq is pure style. Cheap it is not.
Arts & Crafts in Lilongwe

La Galleria

Pleasant boutique selling vivid African paintings, masks, bags and jewellery by local artists.
Arts & Crafts in Lilongwe

African Habitat

Excellent for sculpture, woodcarvings, sarongs, cards and jewellery, as well as T-shirts and bags.
Arts & Crafts in Lilongwe

Things of Africa

A souvenir shop selling T-shirts, postcards, jewellery and other crafts.
Mall in Lilongwe

Lilongwe City Mall

The newest and best mall in the city for fast food joints, supermarkets and dead central location in Old Town.
Mall in Lilongwe

City Centre Shopping Centre

A collec­tion of buildings off Independence Dr containing shops, travel agents, restaurants, a bank and a post office.