Cape Maclear in detail

Flights & getting there

By public transport, first get to Monkey Bay, from where a matola (pickup) to Cape Maclear costs MK1000 and a motorbike costs MK1500. The journey takes about an hour and they drop at the lodges.

Approaching by car on the M10 tar road, the road to Cape Maclear (signposted) turns west off the main drag about 5km before Monkey Bay. The first third of the 18km road to Cape Maclear is badly corrugated, but thereafter it's a smooth, tarred ride.

If you’re heading to/from Senga Bay, ask around about chartering a boat. The Cape Maclear Tour Guides Association charges US$300, which, if split between several people, is a good alternative to the long, hard bus ride. Monkey Bay is US$200.

To catch a matola or motorbike in Cape Maclear, ask your lodge to call a driver, as there is no official bus station. As usual, matolas leave on a fill-up-and-go basis.