Western Madagascar attractions

National Park in Boeny Region

Parc National d’Ankarafantsika

Ankarafantsika (130,026 hectares) is the last strand of dry western deciduous forest in Madagascar, and the need for its protection is obvious – as you drive to Ankarafantsika, whether from Tana or the north, there …
National Park in Morondava District

Parc National de Kirindy-Mitea

Not to be confused with the Réserve Forestière de Kirindy, the deliciously remote 72,200-hectare Parc National de Kirindy-Mitea, which surrounds Belo-sur-Mer, is one of Madagascar’s newest parks and it's well worth …
National Park in Boeny Region

Parc National Tsingy de Namoroka

This isolated park is home to that peculiarly Madagascan landform, the tsingy, a dense forest of jagged rocky pinnacles interwoven with deep canyons filled with streams and trees. It's a bit like visiting the more-f…
National Park in Boeny Region

Parc National Baie de Baly

Best known as the home of the critically endangered ploughshare tortoise, this remote park has dense dry, bamboo and mangrove forests, sand dunes and beaches, lakes and rivers. In addition to eight lemur species (De…
Area in Majunga (Mahajanga)

La Corniche

Majunga is all about the Corniche, the palm-lined promenade bordering the sea made up of Blvd Poincarré and Blvd Marcoz. In the evening, residents come here to enjoy a stroll under the setting sun, sip a soft drink …
National Park in Tsiribihina River Region

Parc National des Tsingy de Bemaraha

If you visit one place in Western Madagascar, make it the Parc National des Tsingy de Bemaraha. A Unesco World Heritage–listed site, its highlights are the jagged, limestone pinnacles known as tsingy and the impress…
Nature Reserve in Morondava District

Réserve Forestière de Kirindy

This reserve, 60km northeast of Morondava, covers about 12,500 hectares and is a protected area that's popular with scientists and travellers for its amazing wildlife. Kirindy is one of the few places in Madagascar …
Lighthouse in Katsepy

Katsepy’s Lighthouse

About 8km southwest of Katsepy, Katsepy’s Lighthouse has sweeping views of Bombetoka Bay and Mozambique Channel. It’s a hot, two-hour walk to get here from Katsepy. Otherwise you can charter a taxi-brousse to take y…
Landmark in Majunga (Mahajanga)

Baobab Tree

At the T-junction with Ave de France, there is an enormous baobab tree (circumference, 21m!) thought to be well over 700 years old. It is considered fady (taboo) to touch it.
Church in Majunga (Mahajanga)


Majunga's main house of Christian worship.