Tuléar (Toliara) in detail

Flights & getting there


Tsaradia has an office in town but not at the airport. It flies between Tuléar and Antananarivo (from €207). Tsaradia claims between one and three services a week between Tuléar and Fort Dauphin on their schedules, but they weren't operating at the time of writing.


Transfert Anakao These speedboats connect Tuléar with Anakao, leaving the former every day at 9am. It leaves Anakao at 7.30am (or earlier to connect with Tsaradia's unpredictable timetable).

Anakao Express This speedboat company leaves Tuléar around 9.30am and arrives in Anakao an hour later. It leaves Anakao at 7.30am, unless Tsaradia decides to push its Tana departure earlier, in which case the speedboats adjust.


The mother of all taxis-brousses, the camion-brousse is a troop transport that plies the god-awful roads between Tuléar and Fort Dauphin (Ar50,000), with stops in Betioky (Ar18,000), Ampanihy (Ar30,000) and Ambovombe (Ar40,000). This takes a whopping 30 to 60 hours (more likely the latter), depending on breakdowns and road conditions. But beware: these amusement-park rides are packed beyond capacity. Passengers bounce around and are frequently ill. There are a limited number of breaks. You’ll need a scarf and pullover for the dust and wind. And if you do the trip in stages, you could spend a lot of time waiting for a seat, as the vehicles that pass the towns en route are often full. Finally, provisions are sparse along the way, so you need to stock up ahead of time. All things considered, we challenge you to find a rougher form of public transport. Services leave from the main taxi-brousse station.


It’s relatively easy to hitch a lift from Tuléar to Antananarivo with a tour company car as many tourist vehicles and supply trucks from Antananarivo return to the capital empty. Expect to pay a bit more than the taxi-brousse fare. The best places to ask are the major hotels, particularly Chez Alain.


Taxis-brousses leave the main station early every day for Antananarivo, arriving a day later. Vehicles to Antananarivo may fill up quickly, so get to the station early or book a seat the afternoon before. Destinations and fares along the way include the following – journey times vary greatly.

DestinationFare (Ar)
Antananarivofrom 40,000

Transport along the sand road north to Ifaty/Mangily (Ar10,000, three hours) departs from the northern taxi-brousse station on Rte de Manombo. There are a few trucks daily, generally departing between 6am and early afternoon.

A taxi-brousse leaves for Morondava a few times weekly (Ar60,000, two to three days). The road is very rough and you'll need to overnight in Manja (Ar35,000) on the way.

Taxis-brousses also connect Tuléar with St Augustine (Ar5000, two hours) once a day, Tuesday to Saturday.

There’s a taxi-brousse every Thursday to Beheloka and Itampolo (Ar30,000, 12 hours).