Ultimate Madagascar Adventure

Classic, Antananarivo to Antananarivo

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Home to mind-blowing scenery, lush rainforests, curious lemurs, and all the outdoor splendour you could possibly ask for (and then some), Madagascar was made for adventure travel. This comprehensive tour takes you deep inside Africa’s amazing jungle island for close encounters with both wildlife and humans over 22 incredible days. Sit down for dinner with a ghost-talker at a homestay near Lake Andraikiba, swim in natural pools and splash about under waterfalls, encounter the unique trees of Baobab Alley, and soak up nature at its finest in some of the island’s national parks. Madagascar is so incredible it feels like another planet. Get out there.

What’s included

  • Your Local Living Moment: Community Guesthouse and Traditional Dinner, Fiadanana Your Discover Moment: Ifaty
  • Sunset at Baobab Alley
  • 4x4 journey between Morondava, Kirindy and Bekopaka
  • Guided night walk in Kirindy Reserve
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve guided visit
  • Canoe excursion on the Manambolo River
  • Andasibe Indri Special Reserve guided walk
  • Artisan workshop visit
  • Traditional healer visit
  • Paper factory visits
  • Anja Reserve walk
  • Isalo National Park visit
  • Internal flights
  • All transport between destinations and to/from activities


  • Experience an unforgettable sunset at baobab alley
  • Discover nocturnal creatures on a night walk in kirindy reserve
  • Explore the peculiar rock formations of the unesco-classified tsingy de bemaraha strict nature reserve
  • Explore the manambolo river in a canoe
  • Search for lemurs and unique wildlife
  • Learn about native flora and fauna in world-famous national parks
  • Savour a local dinner in a rural village.


Day 1 Antananarivo There are no planned activities until an evening welcome meeting. Additional Notes: Please note, occasionally the following itinerary may have to be shuffled due to changes with the internal flight schedules. Typically, this results in shuffling days of the itinerary around and does not cause any missed activities, destinations or experiences. Included Activities: Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting
Day 2 Antananarivo/Miandrivazo Journey through Antsirabe, the spectacular eroded hills called 'lavaka', and the lush green landscape before arriving at the farming town of Miandrivazo for the night. Transport: Private Vehicle (8.00-9.00 hours, 395km)
Day 3 Miandrivazo/Kirindy Forest Drive to Kirindy Forest Reserve, where you may be lucky enough to spot the giant jumping rat, or Fossa, the largest carnivore on the island. This evening, enjoy a night walk, the highlight of a visit to Kirindy. Included Activities: Kirindy Forest Night Walk Transport: Private Vehicle (4.00-5.00 hours, 285km) 4x4 (3.00-4.00 hours, 60km)
Day 4 Kirindy Forest/Bekopaka (1D) Load into 4x4's and head out on sandy roads heading north to Bekopaka, before arriving cross the Tsiribihina and Manambolo rivers by local ferry. Transport: 4x4 (5.00-6.00 hours, 190km)
Day 5 Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park (1B, 1D) Morning canoe adventure on the Manambolo River, with an afternoon exploring the Little Tsingy's. Included Activities: Canoe the Manambola River Little Tsingy Visit
Day 6 Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park (1B, 1D) Enjoy a full day exploring the peculiar rock formations of the 'Great Tsingy'. Additional Notes: Hiking the Great Tsingy is more adventurous than the Little Tsingy and involves sections of scrambling on exposed rocks, crossing hanging bridges and large vertical drops. It is not technically difficult, but should not be attempted by the faint hearted or those suffering from vertigo. (The panoramic views are worth the effort though.) If you do not want to visit Great Tsingy on this day, there are alternatives to spend an additional day in Little Tsingy. Included Activities: Great Tsingy Visit
Day 7 Bekopaka/Morondava (1B) The sandy track leads back to Morondava passing through Baobab Alley in time for sunset. Included Activities: Sunset at Baobab Alley Transport: 4x4 (8.00-9.00 hours, 255km)
Day 8 Morondava Opt for a group farewell dinner as the trip draws to an end.
Day 9 Morondava/Antananarivo Meet the group for the rest of your trip, at a welcome meeting in the evening. Additional Notes: The limited Air Madagascar flight schedule to Morondava can change at any time. Your CEO will have the most up to date flight information available to you on tour. Included Activities: Optional Welcome Meeting for Travellers on Combos Transport: Plane (1.00 hour(s))
Day 10 Antananarivo/Andasibe Depart the capital and continue east, with stops along the scenic rainforest route of world-renowned Andasibe-Perinet National Park. Continue on to the national park. With free time over the next two days, opt to visit other small private or community reserves around Andasibe, and go on guided night walks inside those reserves or along the main road. Walk to the little town of Andasibe or simply enjoy the relaxing tranquility of the surrounding forest. Additional Notes: Our accommodation here are simple bungalows with shared facilities. Transport: Private Vehicle (4.00 hour(s), 135km)
Day 11 Andasibe Explore the Indri Special Reserve and national park located 1.5km (0.93 mi) from the town of Andasibe. One of the park’s primary purposes is to protect the natural habitat of the indri, a large black and white diurnal species that feeds on leaves and fruit. In addition to the indri, the park has 10 other diurnal and nocturnal lemur species, large chameleons, and the rarely seen blue coua. The flora is just as spectacular with numerous species of trees, palms, and orchids (which flower in October/November). Included Activities: Andasibe-Perinet National Park Guided Walk
Day 12 Andasibe/Antsirabe Travel to the ancient colonial town of Antsirabe. Along this stretch of road you will see Merina tombs and the labour-intensive cultivation of rice paddies. Antsirabe is known as a thermal city because of its volcanic lakes. It's also famous for its precious and semi-precious stones and handicrafts. Opt to explore this quaint little city upon arrival. Transport: Stop to visit some highlights along the way. Private Vehicle (7.00-8.00 hours, 305km)
Day 13 Antsirabe/Fiadanana (1L, 1D) After a short visit to Lake Andraikiba, continue on to the small village of Fiadanana. This beautiful village is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of rice fields and panoramic views of the nearby mountains. Get to see how the villagers live by interacting with them and enjoy a chance to learn their rituals during an authentic community experience. Additional Notes: Accommodation is in a traditional style house that has been purpose-built to meet the needs of guests. There is a kitchen and a dining/lounge area to enjoy lunch or a drink, and a beautiful veranda overlooking the rice terraces. It is equipped with shared, basic shower facilities and outdoor toilets (a squat toilet and one western-style toilet). This accommodation is basic but, for one night, the experience of living like a local and staying somewhere unique and remote is worth it. Included Activities: Lake Andraikiba Visit Traditional Healer Visit Community Guesthouse and Traditional Dinner Transport: Private Vehicle (1.00 hour(s), 25km) Walking (4km)
Day 14 Fiadanana/Ranomafana (1B) Enjoy a local breakfast and take in stunning views of Mt Ifasina. After, hike back out to the bus (about 3.5km/2.2 mi) and continue to Ranomafana, a little village named after the hot springs in the valley. The nearby national park is one of the most important mammal sites in Madagascar. Transport: Walking (4km) Private Vehicle (7.00 hour(s), 280km)
Day 15 Ranomafana/Ambalavao In the morning go for a forest walk, a swim in a hot spring, visit the local town and market, or get a massage. Enjoy the wonderful changes of landscape along the way to the pleasant rural town of Ambalavao. Visit a little paper factory where the locals will share their traditional methods of producing this unique, hand-made paper. If time allows, opt to visit a silk factory in town and learn about the local way of making fabric or clothing from silk, and the process of dyeing it with natural dyes. Included Activities: Paper Factory Visit Transport: Private Vehicle (3.50 hour(s), 106km)
Day 16 Ambalavao/Ranohira Journey from Ambalavao to the Anja Community Reserve and on through diverse scenery. Travel through the savannah before the massif of Isalo becomes clearly visible. Included Activities: Anja Reserve Walk Transport: Private Vehicle (4.00 hour(s), 250km)
Day 17 Ranohira In the morning, pack a lunch to take into the park with you to eat during a picnic break later in the day - your CEO can help you arrange this. After a short trek within a small canyon, take a break from the sun and stop at fresh natural swimming pool. Continue on to the "cascades", considered to be amongst the best waterfalls in Madagascar and has a large natural swimming pool. With a little luck, you may see sifaka, brown lemurs, or ring-tailed lemurs. Included Activities: Isalo National Park Visit
Day 18 Ranohira/Ifaty En route to Toliara, drive through the magnificent wide-open and vast desert landscape. Pass through several unique frontier-style sapphire mining towns, and babobab trees en route. This drive will also pass by the tombs of the Mahafaly; a local tribe in Madagascar known predominantly for their large tombs. They were built for chiefs and kings and are covered in stones, sculptures, and horns. The more important the deceased, the more horns and statues the tomb is adorned with. One of the largest tombs has over 700 zebu horns! As this is a sacred site we will just be passing by, and photography is not permitted. Continue on to Ifaty to relax and enjoy the breathtaking beaches of the Mozambican Channel. While in Ifaty, opt to ride in a dugout canoe, visit the spiny forest reserve, go snorkelling or diving on the reef, or simply relax on the beach. Transport: Make stops along the way to spot baobab trees and visit the Mahafaly tombs. Private Vehicle (6.00 hour(s), 250km)
Days 19-20 Ifaty Spend two full days enjoying this gorgeous area. Opt to do some hiking or hit the beach.
Day 21 Ifaty/Antananarivo Due to the unpredictability of local flights, if we are unable to secure your domestic flight, we will instead transport you in 4x4 vehicles. This journey can take approximately 10 hours. Transport: Private Vehicle (1.50 hour(s), 30km) Plane (1.00 hour(s))
Day 22 Antananarivo Depart at any time.