The Great Reef attractions

Top Choice Gardens in Tuléar (Toliara)

Arboretum d'Antsokay

This is the one must-see attraction in Tuléar. Essentially a 400,000-sq-metre distillation of the entire spiny forest in one place, it's a fantastic collection of 900 plant species. Established by a Swiss botanist a…
National Park in Southern Reef

Réserve Spéciale de Beza-Mahafaly

Southwest of the RN7 from Andranovory, the Réserve Spéciale de Beza-Mahafaly is better known as a scientific venture rather than a tourist destination, but travellers are welcome. The spiny and riverine forest here …
National Park in Southern Reef

Parc National de Tsimanampetsotse

This 43,200-hectare park makes a good day trip if you're in the area. While it may not be a generalist’s first stop, it's certainly worth a detour as you follow the remote coastline south. The park's large and ancie…
Wildlife Reserve in Ifaty & Mangily

Reniala Nature Reserve

This is a 60-hectare spiny forest full of baobab trees and some birds. There are two circuits, one of 45 minutes to an hour and the other of 1½ to two hours. If you have been to the Arboretum in Tuléar, which is bet…
Nature Reserve in Northern Reef

Mangrove Information Center

On the left, 15km north of Tuléar, you’ll come upon a sign for the Mangrove Information Center a 200-hectare wetland complex created by HONKO, a Belgian NGO. The main attraction is a 1.5km wooden boardwalk. It’s a n…
Wildlife Reserve in Ifaty & Mangily

Village des Tortues

Near Reniala, this 70,000-sq-metre park protects over 1000 radiated and spider tortoises. A guided tour of the grounds in English tells you the full story of these endangered animals and how they are being conserved…
Mountain in Tuléar (Toliara)

La Table

This table mountain is unmissable as you approach Tuléar down the RN7, about 10km from town. There’s a relatively easy trail to the top, which takes about 15 minutes to climb, and is a great place to watch the sunse…
Museum in Tuléar (Toliara)

Musée Cedratom

Features exhibits on local culture, an elephant bird egg and other oddities, including an ancient mask with real human teeth. Interesting place if you're ever lucky enough to find it open – the official opening hour…
Church in Tuléar (Toliara)

Lutheran Church

One of the city's main churches, right in the heart of town.
Mosque in Tuléar (Toliara)


The city's main mosque.