Tamatave (Toamasina) in detail

Getting Around

  • Taxis between town and the airport (5km north of town) should cost around Ar25,000. Taxi rides within town are Ar3000 to Ar5000.
  • Some local minibuses shuttle passengers around town for Ar300, if you can work out the routes; service No 4 goes to the Bazary Kely and the port.
  • To hire a car locally, ask at any hotel, restaurant or travel agency, or ask around at the taxi-brousse station. It may be more expensive if you want to take the vehicle beyond Foulpointe.
  • Pousse-pousse drivers charge from Ar1000 per trip within the town centre. The drivers are fairly friendly, but agree on the fee before you climb in. Tuk-tuks are the same price and a much safer option at night.