Top things to do in Southern Reef

National Park in Southern Reef

Parc National Tsimanampetsotse

This 432-sq-km park and its large, ancient salt lake hosts some part-time resident flamingos (April to October). Amid the spiny forest, watch also for a large banyan tree full of parrots and ring-tailed lemurs. The …
National Park in Réserve Spéciale Beza-Mahafaly

Réserve Spéciale Beza-Mahafaly

Southwest of the RN7 from Andranovory, the Réserve Spéciale Beza-Mahafaly is better known as a scientific venture rather than a tourist destination, but travellers are welcome to explore its six hiking circuits (750…
Malagasy in Ambola

Chez Henriette et Richard

So close to the water you could almost cast a fishing line from your table, this simple little open-sided eatery at the northern end of Ambola serves up simple Malagasy coastal cooking – fish, octopus and the like s…