Top things to do in Southern Madagascar

Top Choice Gardens in Tuléar (Toliara)

Arboretum d'Antsokay

This is the one must-see attraction in Tuléar. Essentially a 400,000-sq-metre distillation of the entire spiny forest in one place, it's a fantastic collection of 900 plant species. Established by a Swiss botanist a…
Top Choice Italian in Tuléar (Toliara)


Our pick of the restaurants in Tuléar, Italian-run L'Estérel has a tranquil garden setting and a menu that includes some of the best Italian cooking in southern Madagascar – pasta, pizzas, salads you can trust – as …
Top Choice International in Tuléar (Toliara)

Corto Maltese

One of the best restaurants in Tuléar, yet moderately priced, this creative bistro offers an eclectic menu, including steaks that look and taste the part. Nice outdoor seating, too. Shame it doesn't open weekends.
National Park in The Cape

Parc National d’Andohahela

This 760-sq-km park protects some of the last remnants of rainforest in southern Madagascar, as well as spiny forest and a remarkable 12 species of lemurs. It also boasts 129 recorded species of birds, as well as a …
National Park in The Desert

Parc National Zombitse-Vohibasia

One of Madagascar's least-known yet most accessible parks, Parc National Zombitse-Vohibasia is a surprise packet; most visitors just drive on by and don't realise what they're missing. The park's dense dry forest is…
Nature Reserve in The Cape

Réserve Privée de Berenty

This well-known private reserve contains nearly one-third of the remaining tamarind gallery forest in Madagascar, nestled between the arms of a former oxbow lake on the Mandrare River. It was one of Madagascar’s fir…
National Park in Southern Reef

Réserve Spéciale de Beza-Mahafaly

Southwest of the RN7 from Andranovory, the Réserve Spéciale de Beza-Mahafaly is better known as a scientific venture rather than a tourist destination, but travellers are welcome. The spiny and riverine forest here …
National Park in Southern Reef

Parc National de Tsimanampetsotse

This 43,200-hectare park makes a good day trip if you're in the area. While it may not be a generalist’s first stop, it's certainly worth a detour as you follow the remote coastline south. The park's large and ancie…
National Park in The Desert

Parc National de l'Isalo

Isalo is like a museum dedicated to the art of the desert canyon. It contains sculpted buttes, vertical rock walls and, best of all, deep canyon floors shot through with streams, lush vegetation and pools for swimmi…
Nature Reserve in The Cape

Réserve Spéciale de Cap Sainte Marie

Madagascar’s southernmost tip, Cap Sainte Marie is a thought-provoking climax to the ‘eighth continent’, a stark and windswept place that, like so many places down here, feels like the end of the Earth. There's an 1…