Top things to do in Sava Region

National Park in Sava Region

Parc National de Marojejy

The Parc National de Marojejy is one of Madagascar’s great undiscovered parks, a fact all the more astonishing because it's one of the best managed and easiest to get to. You can fly from Antananarivo to Sambava or …
Nature Reserve in Vohémar

Loky Manambato Protected Area

Madagascan NGO Fanamby manages the Loky Manambato Protected Area, 56km west of Vohémar, to support local villages and protect flora and fauna. Most spectacular are the critically endangered golden-crowned Tattersall…
Wildlife Reserve in Antalaha


Billed as a botanical hiking trail, Macolline is an arboretum on the banks of the River Ankavanana, 3km north of Antalaha. Guided walks of three to six hours can include lunch and a pirogue ride. There are fruit tre…
Farm in Sambava

Domaine d’Ambohimanitra

Meaning 'hill of a thousand perfumes', the Domaine d'Ambohimanitra produces various types of vanilla along with coffee, cinnamon, pepper, ylang-ylang and cloves. On a four- to five-hour visit you will learn about pr…
Farm in Sambava

Soavoanio Coconut Plantation

This enormous coconut plantation extends across 50 sq km, where the trees march away into the distance in strict lines. On the two-hour visit you will see germination, seedlings and processing of the nuts into copra…
Madagascan in Antalaha

Jeannick Gargotte

This expat hang-out is a popular spot for pizza and a range of Madagascan/European food. It’s one block back from the Jovenna petrol station.
Pizza in Sambava

Boule d’Or

The only pizzeria, it's behind the Hôtel Orchidea Beach II, opposite La Terrasse.
Madagascan in Sambava

La Terrasse

Has good Madagascan seafood and fun karaoke at night.