Malagasy in Sambava

Bolo Bolo Restaurant

Cheap, cheerful, filling food that's heavy on the noodles and light on vegetables and meat. Wood-fired pizzas are on the menu too (from Ar15,000), if the oven is working. It's all quite pleasant on a wide veranda...

Pizza in Sambava

Boule d'Or Restaurant & Bar

This place does a roaring trade in tasty pizzas. But what draws the kids is the killer popcorn machine that churns out the toothsome stuff at Ar1000 a bag.

Chinese in Sambava

Mimi Restaurant

In addition to the Patisserie Mimi where breakfast of a croissant and coffee will set you back Ar6000, there is a large, somewhat dark, restaurant attached to the Mimi Hôtel. Food is good, solid Chinese and...

Cafe in Antalaha

Chez Joice

You get two for the price of one here: Chez Joice is a tearoom serving cakes. It's the perfect place for breakfast, and later in the day it morphs into a Chinese restaurant with an emphasis on seafood. It has a...