Réserve Spéciale Anjanaharibe Sud in detail

Flights & getting there

From Andapa, you can take a taxi-brousse to Ambodipont (Ar10,000, 45 minutes) and then walk a further 3km to the village of Andasibe-Mahaverika, a total of about 20km. Alternatively, hire a 4WD to Andasibe-Mahaverika on a badly rutted road (Ar120,000, 1½ hours). Hire porters here.

The distance from Andasibe-Mahaverika to Camp Indri is a total of 15km; you can walk this in six hours. Or begin with a two-hour walk to the village of Befingotra where you can find lunch in a hotely, and hire a moto-taxi (motorbike taxi; per person Ar60,000, one hour) for part of the way. Porters are changed at Befingotra.

The last section of the journey is on foot for about three hours to Camp Indri.

To return, you'll have to do all this in reverse.