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The peninsula is famous for its vegetation, which includes primary forest, rainforest and coastal forest, as well as a variety of palm and orchid species. Ten lemur species are found here, along with several tenrec and mongoose species, 14 bat species, 60 reptile species and about 85 bird species. The marine national parks protect mangrove ecosystems, coral reefs, dolphins, dugong and turtles.

There are excellent opportunities here for sea kayaking, snorkelling and swimming. The entire peninsula is exceptionally wet, however, particularly during June and July, when river levels are highest. The months between October and December are somewhat drier and best for trekking.

The reserve is only accessible by boat, or on foot if you are trekking. Check at the MNP office or at hotels in Maroantsetra for boats to hire and guides. All the accommodation options in the reserve provide boat transfers.

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