Accommodation in the Parc National de Marojejy is found at three levels along the single trail to the summit: Camp One (Mantella) is at 450m and has six cabins (wooden frames with canvas sides) and a campground. Camp Two (Marojejia) is at 775m and has four cabins, and Camp Three (Simpona) at 1250m has two cabins. Cabins are Ar10,000 per bed, and the campsite Ar4000 per person.

If you have to stay outside the park, Sambava is recommended. The only other option is Andapa, a small town nestled in the hills some 40km away on the way to Réserve Spéciale d’Anjanaharibe-Sud. It is closer to the park, but further from Sambava (to which you must return), lacks the appeal of the beach, and has little accommodation.

If you do choose Andapa, the best place to stay is the surprising Hotel Beanana, a bright-white drive-in motel that is clean and inexpensive. Hotel Vatosoa offers more-basic rooms and a good restaurant (mains Ar7000).