The main draw at Kirindy-Mitea is the birdlife – 58 recorded species in total, 18 of which are endemic to the region – although there are lemurs and reptiles, too. Of the park's nine lemur species, only three are easily seen by day: Verreaux's sifaka, the red-fronted brown lemur and the ring-tailed lemur. The nocturnal species are Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur (the world's smallest primate), fork-marked lemur, grey mouse lemur, Coquerel's dwarf lemur, fat-tailed dwarf lemur and red-tailed sportive lemur. Also present, if rarely seen, is the fossa.

There are three hiking circuits through the park:

  • Circuit Agnolignoly (2km, one hour) Easy walk through mangroves and coastal estuaries with an emphasis on waterbirds.
  • Circuit Ambondro-Sirave (3km, two hours) With sand dunes, spiny forest, baobabs, the beach and plenty of waterbirds, this is our pick if you only have time for one walk.
  • Circuit Maetsakaloe (4km, two hours) Baobabs, birds, dry forest and lemurs are the highlights on this relatively new walk.

There is also the possibility of doing a pirogue trip (Ar35,000) along the estuary and the mangrove; the park staff in Morondava can help you arrange it.