Ariary (Ar)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €60

  • Basic double (shared facilities): €7–12
  • Meal at hotely (local restaurant): €2.50–4
  • Taxi-brousse ticket: €4–12
  • National park admission and guide: €25

Midrange: €60–150

  • Double room (mostly en suite): €12–25
  • Meal in good restaurant: €10
  • Car and driver, per day: €35–50
  • Half-day excursion or activity: €35

Top End: More than €150

  • Accommodation in boutique hotel: €100
  • Private 4WD, per day: €60
  • Internal flight: €120
  • Half-day diving: €65


Bargaining is commonplace in markets, when buying souvenirs and when negotiating taxi fares. It isn't in restaurants, bars or hotels.

When haggling, try to get a reference price from locals as a guide but bear in mind that many Malagasy think it is fair that foreigners should be charged more than locals for the same good or service.


There are no banks so make sure you have enough cash before setting off from Morondava.