Nosy Be in detail

Getting Around

Nosy Be’s main road, which goes all the way around the island and takes in the airport, Hell-Ville, Ambatoloaka, the west coast and Andilana, is sealed but not in good condition.


For the ultimate freedom to explore Nosy Be’s shores and the surrounding islands, you can charter a boat from around €480 a day for two to three people from Ulysse Explorer or MadaVoile.

Car & Motorcycle

The best way to get around Nosy Be is by motorcycle (helmets are compulsory): roads are not bad, traffic is light, distances are short and the weather is lovely – perfect conditions to ditch the car, which rules on the mainland. If you’d rather have a vehicle, a sedan (saloon) car is perfectly adequate.

Nosy Easy Rent rents Dacia Logan/Mitsubishi/Pajero vehicles for €35/52/65 per day, with a 100km mileage, and motorbikes from €20 per day. It's 3km from Hell-Ville in the direction of Ambatoloaka.


  • Collective taxis (Ar4000) travel between Hell-Ville and Ambatoloaka (15 minutes) and between Hell-Ville and Djamandjary (25 minutes), from 6am to 7pm. Pick them up near the market in Hell-Ville, and flag them down on the main road of Ambatoloaka as they cruise (and beep) for customers.
  • A chartered taxi between Hell-Ville and Ambatoloaka costs Ar35,000, between Hell-Ville and Andilana costs Ar50,000. From Hell-Ville’s centre to the jetty costs Ar4000.
  • Tuk-tuks whizz around the towns of Hell-Ville and Ambatoloaka and are a cheap alternative to taxis. They cost Ar500 during the day, and Ar1000 after 8pm. A longer journey (from Hell-Ville to Ambatoloaka, for example) will cost more.
  • A taxi from inside the main ferry port into Hell-Ville costs Ar4000. However, if you walk to the port boundary (100m), you can hire a tuk-tuk for Ar500.