Nosy Be attractions

Distillery in Nosy Be

Lemuria Land

Ylang-ylang oil is distilled at Lemuria Land on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and daily during the rainy season (January to the end of March). The whole process of turning these somewhat-insignificant flowers into a …
Historic Site in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Sacred Banyan Tree

On the coast beyond the tiny village of Mahatsinjo, there's an enormous sacred banyan tree planted by the Queen of the Sakalava tribe in 1836. Nowadays, the Queen of Nosy Be makes an annual pilgrimage to sacrifice a…
Beach in The West Coast


Far and away Nosy Be’s best beach, Andilana, at the island’s northwest tip, is a long stretch of pearly white sand, with water that’s true turquoise and clear as gin. It’s ideal for swimming and chilling for an afte…
Nature Reserve in Nosy Be

Nosy Tanikely Marine Reserve

Nosy Tanikely is 10km west of Nosy Komba. It is a protected marine reserve and one of the best snorkelling sites in the area, with coral, numerous fish and sea turtles.Snorkelling is best in the morning, before the …
Nature Reserve in Nosy Be

Parc National Lokobe

The Parc National Lokobe protects most of Nosy Be’s remaining endemic vegetation. The reserve is home to the black lemur (the male is dark brown, almost black, while the female is a lovely chestnut colour with white…
Beach in The West Coast


On a small bay just north of Madirokely, Ambondrona is more tranquil than its southern neighbours, with lovely views of the mainland hills across the sea.