Top ChoiceFrench in The West Coast

La Table d’Alexandre

For a decadent lunch on a day trip around the island, stop at Alexandre’s. The debonair French chef here serves exquisite cuisine in a dining room that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the set of Out of...

Top ChoiceEuropean in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Le Papillon

Highly recommended by locals, Le Papillon is the place to eat (and be seen) in town. It is set in a beautiful, old, art-filled colonial house with a veranda in the heart of Hell-Ville. The Italian owner changes...

Top ChoiceMalagasy in Ambatoloaka

Chez Mama

For a true Malagasy eating experience, try Chez Mama, located on Ambatoloaka’s main street. Mama buys her ingredients at Hell-Ville’s market every morning and everything she cooks is fresh, tasty and incredibly...

Beach in The West Coast


Far and away Nosy Be’s best beach, Andilana, at the island’s northwest tip, is a long stretch of pearly white sand, with water that’s true azure and clear as gin. It’s ideal for swimming and chilling for an...

Nature Reserve in Nosy Be

Parc National Marin de Nosy Tanikely

Nosy Tanikely is a protected marine reserve 10km south of Nosy Be. It's one of the best snorkelling sites in the area, with coral, numerous fish and sea turtles.Snorkelling is best in the morning, before the wind...

Island in Nosy Be

Nosy Iranja

The gorgeous Nosy Iranja, southwest of Nosy Be, consists of two islands: larger, inhabited Nosy Iranja Be (about 2 sq km) and tiny Nosy Iranja Kely (0.13 sq km). The islands are connected by a 1.5km-long sand...

Beach in The West Coast


On a small bay just north of Madirokely, Ambondrona is more tranquil than its southern neighbours, with lovely views of the mainland hills across the sea.

Viewpoint in Nosy Be

Mont Passot

Mt Passot (329m), Nosy Be’s loftiest point, lies about 15km northwest of Hell-Ville (two-hour drive). It’s a good spot for admiring sunsets and the sweeping panorama. It’s also one of the best places to see Nosy...

Club in Ambatoloaka

Djembe Disco

This is Nosy Be’s favourite nightclub, located at the end of the village on the road to Madirokely. It’s the place to be seen in the evenings – popular with local couples, expats and foreign men on the prowl....

Seafood in The West Coast

Chez Loulou

Right on the beach, this casual restaurant and bar is best known for its gargantuan Sunday seafood-buffet lunch (Ar65,000). Seafood also gets pride of place in the daily three-course meal. If you want to linger...

Cosmetics in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Le Jardin des Sens

Local essential oils of ylang-ylang, black pepper, katrafay (Malagasy bush tree) and more scent the air here, where you can also stock up on honey, spices, soaps and skin products. Set in a beautiful old house,...

Malagasy in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Côté Jardin

There's a charming colonial air to this old house with its veranda at the front overlooking the town gardens, cool interior and more seating in its own garden at the back. It's as fine dining as you'll get in...

Cafe in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Casa Mofo

A modern, hip place with seating inside and out, Casa Mofo is a bakery with great snacks (samosas Ar700, quiche Ar5000, scoop of ice cream Ar4000). It's one of the best places in town for breakfast (coffee and...

European in Ambatoloaka


Sister to the excellent Le Papillon restaurant in Hell-Ville, the menu here is the same: very good pastas (Ar22,000 to Ar24,000) and a tasty range of meat and fish.

Distillery in Nosy Be

Lemuria Land

This is a truly beautiful plantation full of ylang-ylang trees climbing up the hillsides, with mangroves along the river. The entrance fee includes the zoo as well as a tour of the distillery.

Club in Ambatoloaka

La Sirène Disco

La Sirène draws the crowds on the nights of the week when Ambatoloaka's other disco, Djembe Disco, is closed.

Historic Site in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Sacred Banyan Tree

On the coast beyond tiny Mahatsinjo village, there's an enormous sacred banyan tree planted by the Queen of the Sakalava tribe in 1836. Nowadays, the Queen of Nosy Be makes an annual pilgrimage to sacrifice a...

European in Ambatoloaka

Ba Tu Mo Ch

The glorious location of this hotel restaurant is hard to beat – on a wooden deck overlooking the sea. Perhaps that's why its name is a play on 'bateau mouche', those boats that whizz up and down the River Seine...

Malagasy in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Restaurant Manava

On the top floor, Restaurant Manava is an unexpected gem. The fare is simple but incredibly tasty, including grilled meat or fish with seasonal vegetables, and rice or chips. The balcony terrace provides...