Top ChoiceMalagasy in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Tsara Be Restaurant

French cuisine with a touch of Madagascar, set off with a twist of Thai flavours, make this restaurant a crowd-pleaser. It's the sort of place where locals dress up and go to celebrate. There are dark-red walls,...

National Park in Parc National Montagne d’Ambre

Parc National Montagne d’Ambre

This wonderful national park is literally a breath of fresh air from the arid northern plains: at 1000m, it is generally 10°C cooler than Diego or Ankarana, even more in winter, and its luxuriant forests could...

Nature Reserve in Antsiranana Region

Camp Andrafiamena Andavakoera

Located 60km south of Diego Suarez, then 20km east, this camp is perched on a ridge overlooking the rainforest. This is the last refuge of the black sifakas (Propithecus perrieri) and guides lead walks to see...

National Park in Réserve Spéciale Ankarana

Réserve Spéciale Ankarana

This striking and undeveloped fantasy land is home to uniquely Malagasy sights: psychedelic fields of spiky tsingy (limestone pinnacle formations) next to dry forests. Running through and under the tsingy are...

Landmark in Antsiranana Region

Tsingy Rouges

One of Madagascar’s most awesome natural wonders, these scraggly pinnacles – erosion’s work of art – are made of laterite, an iron oxide–rich soil with an intense red-brick colour. These surreal formations stand...

Gardens in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Jardin Tropical

Set in a cyclone-ravaged Creole house in the French residential quarter, the Jardin Tropical provides a welcome, leafy green space in the centre of town. Three areas of garden – primary forest, rock and full sun...

French in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Le Melville

Right by the sea, with a fabulous deck that’s particularly alluring at sunset, the atmosphere at Melville is romantic and sophisticated without being stuffy. The food is delicious, featuring zebu and seafood:...

Italian in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

La Rosticceria

An old favourite, this Italian restaurant has a an interesting menu featuring freshly made pasta with pesto, cream, meat or seafood sauces. The fish is good: we loved the prawn and fish duo with ginger sauce. The...

Club in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Taxi Be Nightclub

Taxi Be is the place to be in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) – there's live music every night and everybody's here, locals and visitors. Try shaking your booty to the hot salegy (Kenyan-influenced music of the...

Gifts & Souvenirs in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Couleur du Monde

You'll go in here for the chocolate, but then be tempted by the zebu-horn and shell jewellery, raffia bags, vanilla, shells and all sorts of gifts. It's difficult to tear yourself away from this gem.

Health & Wellness in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

La Natura

Indigenous essential oils and health-related products such as noni juice and aromatherapy goodies fill the shelves here, along with local spices. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

Arts & Crafts in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Le Village

A nautical air pervades this shop, with pictures of fish, brass instruments and very impressive models of ships made of wood. They'll pack and post anywhere in the world.

Jewellery in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Jewelers By Bleu Nuit

Dark-blue walls and good lighting set off the stylish silver jewellery here, some with gemstones, some plain. There is also a range of rather classy handbags.

Chocolate in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Boutique Chocolat

Madagascar produces superb chocolate and here's a wonderful place to buy it. The exquisite creations cost around Ar10,000 for 100g.

Performing Arts in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Zegny’Zo Festival

In the third week of May, street theatre and traditional music are showcased in the streets of Diego Suarez (Antsiranana).

Seafood in Ramena

Le 5 Trop Près

Ramena is a fishing village so it’s hardly surprising that seafood is plentiful. Right on the beach at Le 5 Trop Près (pronounced like St Tropez, a wink to the glitzy French Riviera town), it comes in many guises...

Historic Site in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Japanese Monument

'Here died two brave Japanese sailors on 3 June 1942' reads the inscription on the memorial erected by the Japanese Embassy 30 years later. The sailors, aboard midget submarines, were part of a night attack on...

Bakery in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Pâtisserie Le Grand Hôtel

This excellent bakery doubles as a cafe that’s popular with tourists. It’s a great choice for an economical and light breakfast, or a cheap lunch of salad or a sandwich. There are some lovely pastries too, which...

Malagasy in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

La Bodega

The name suggests Spanish influence, but owner Cyrille is French and the colourful restaurant is in Madagascar, so it’s hardly surprising the menu is a mix of all three. We loved the tapas à la Malagasy and the...

Architecture in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Hôtel des Mines

Once a magnificent hotel overlooking the sea, the Hôtel des Mines is now in ruins. Built in the early 1900s by Frenchman Alphonse Mortages who made his fortune discovering gold along the road to Vohémar, its...