Madagascar drinking and nightlife

Bar in Ilakaka


To really enter the local scene in all its shadiness, attend the gem dealers’ party starting at 1am every Friday night at Color Line’s adjacent bar, known as Al2O3 (the formula for sapphire, naturally). This is only…
Club in Ambatoloaka

Djembe Disco

This is Nosy Be’s favourite nightclub, located at the end of the village on the road leading to Madirokely. It’s the place to be seen in the evenings – popular with local couples, expats and foreign men on the prowl…
Bar in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Bar Ankoay

Spilling onto the street, the Ankoay (ank-way) is Hell-Ville's most popular bar. Inside a shopping gallery, it's done up like the interior of a ship with lots of wood. It's hard to spot its name from the street, but…
Bar in Antananarivo

Outcool Web Bar

This sociable bar is one of the nicest hang-outs in Tana: it's laid-back, cheerful and very popular with young and cool Malagasies, many of whom come here partly for the free wi-fi. Draft beer (Ar2500) is the most p…
Bar in Antananarivo

Buffet du Jardin

This long-standing bar is a firm favourite amongst locals, expats and tourists alike for anything from a morning coffee to evening drinks or a night out (it serves good food). There is live music on Thursdays, Frida…
Bar in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Vahinée Bar

A local favourite, Vahinée has something for everyone: a wide-screen TV showing football and rugby, a pool table, and live music every night. The atmosphere is excellent, and there is a range of drinks, from beer to…
Bar in Ambatoloaka

Le Taxi-Be

This lively bar is very popular with local vazaha (foreigners) and young Malagasy women. For all that, it’s not a creepy place. There's live music every night and a cut-out Renault 4L decorating the stage.
Lounge in Antananarivo

Kudéta Urban Club

Tana’s most exclusive (and expensive) bar turns from bar/lounge during the day to nightclub/DJ platform as the night draws in; there are regular parties and events.
Club in Antananarivo

Le Club

Tana’s biggest, flashiest club space, designed in a modern style, has the DJ spinning recent tunes from his lofty winged booth above the dance floor.
Lounge in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Boîte Noire

With big faux-leather couches, pool tables and intimidating bouncers, this is Diego’s fanciest disco. It attracts a chic, wannabe crowd.