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Sakalava Erotica

The western part of Madagascar has traditionally been the area with the strongest African influence. The language of the dark-skinned western peoples contains many words taken from mainland African languages. The dominant tribe in the area is the Sakalava, who venerate the relics not of their own ancestors, but of their ancient royal families. This belief, plus the use of spirit mediums to communicate with dead royalty, also has an African base (Bantu).

The Sakalava are perhaps best known for covering the tombs of their dead with elaborate, erotic carvings, often depicting oral sex or other acts considered fady (taboo) in life. Although Sakalava tombs were once visible throughout the entire western region, many were pillaged for their valuable carvings. Following this desecration, the Sakalava now understandably keep the location of those burial grounds still containing intact tombs top secret. It’s important to respect their privacy. If you are lucky enough to see these erotic artworks, please take only photos.