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Taxis-brousses leave regularly from Antananarivo’s eastern taxi-brousse station for Moramanga (Ar7000, 2¾ hours).

There are direct taxi-brousse connections from Moramanga to Andasibe (Ar2000, 1½ hours) every few hours. To get to Tamatave (Ar12,000, five to seven hours), you will need to wait until a vehicle coming from Antananarivo arrives with space.


slow passenger train departs Moramanga for Tamatave (Ar10,000, 10 hours) every Monday at 7am. The return train leaves Tamatave at 8.20am every Tuesday. On Thursday, a train leaves Moramanga for Ambila-Lemaitso (Ar8000, seven hours) at 3pm, and returns on Friday, leaving Ambila-Lemaitso at 8am. A train also leaves Moramanga at 10.30am on Wednesday and Saturday to Ambatondrazaka, returning at 7am on Thursday and Sunday. The journey takes four to five hours and costs Ar14,000 in Palissandre class or Ar9000 in ordinary class. It's best to check the schedule with Madarail ( ahead of time, either at the station (best), or online.