Majunga (Mahajanga) attractions

Area in Majunga (Mahajanga)

La Corniche

Majunga is all about the Corniche, the palm-lined promenade bordering the sea made up of Blvd Poincarré and Blvd Marcoz. In the evening, residents come here to enjoy a stroll under the setting sun, sip a soft drink …
Landmark in Majunga (Mahajanga)

Baobab Tree

At the T-junction with Ave de France, there is an enormous baobab tree (circumference, 21m!) thought to be well over 700 years old. It is considered fady (taboo) to touch it.
Church in Majunga (Mahajanga)


Majunga's main house of Christian worship.
Lighthouse in Majunga (Mahajanga)


Guides ships in from Pointe de Sable.