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Thanks to this idyllic setting, La Mer d’Emeraude has become a popular day trip from Diego Suarez. Standard packages include transport to Ramena, the sailing from Ramena to La Mer d’Emeraude (generally in a local sailing boat), three hours on an islet to sunbathe, swim and snorkel (equipment is normally included) and a lunch that includes alcoholic drinks. It’s worth knowing that the package from Ramena onwards normally only costs about Ar60,000 per person plus the Ar10,000 entrance permit, yet many agencies charge around Ar250,000 for two because of the 4WD transfer from Diego to Ramena; so if you’re on a budget, tell the tour operator you’ll arrange transport to Ramena yourself (and take a taxi-brousse or charter a taxi for the day).

The sailing from Ramena to La Mer d’Emeraude can be very rough between May and November when trade winds are strong, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get wet. Make sure you arrange this excursion with a reputable agency.

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