Madagascar is an excellent destination for sporting activities. Climbing, diving, hiking and canoeing/kayaking are all in plentiful supply.

Multi-day treks (three to 10 days, such as Maroantsetra to Antalaha, Ambalavao to Manakara, the Razafimaniry villages, Isalo and Makay etc) are becoming more popular and are often the highlight of a trip, but they require advance planning (for reservations and equipment to bring).

Whatever activity you embark on, pick a reliable operator, especially with high-risk activities such as diving, kitesurfing and rock climbing. Check the operator’s affiliations, the instructors’ qualifications and inspect your gear.

Divers, note that there is no hyperbaric chamber in Madagascar, so should you have a mishap underwater, you will have to go to Réunion to be depressurised.

Responsible Diving & Snorkelling

Consider the following tips when diving and help preserve the ecology and beauty of reefs.

  • Don’t touch living marine organisms or drag equipment across the reef. If you must hold onto the reef, only touch exposed rock or dead coral.
  • Be conscious of your fins. Even without contact, the surge from fin strokes near the reef can damage delicate organisms.
  • Take great care in underwater caves. Spend as little time within them as possible as your air bubbles may be caught within the roof and thereby leave organisms high and dry.
  • Resist the temptation to collect or buy corals or shells.
  • Do not feed fish, even if operators offer it.