Top things to do in Île Sainte Marie

Cemetery in Île Sainte Marie

Cimetière des Pirates

This is a fascinating spot from which to contemplate the history of the island. The cemetery overlooks the Baie de Forbans just south of Ambodifotatra, the perfect pirate hang-out, and smells of a very different era…
Seafood in Île Sainte Marie

Mangrove Le Gourmand

A bungalow restaurant in a clearing overlooking the Ampanihy Bay. The food here is fresh from the sea, and fabulous. By fresh, we mean they have wicker baskets of live fish and mangrove crabs in the nearby creek, wh…
Parade in Ambodifotatra

Whale Festival

If you're on Île Sainte Marie during the first two weeks of July, you can't miss the Whale Festival. It's a huge event that takes place just as the humpback whales arrive: there's a big parade, games, stalls, exhibi…
European in Ambodifotatra

La Paillote

This vazaha (foreigner) hang-out entices with its very attractive open-air floor plan, street-front location (great for people-watching), and broad menu, from pizza to langouste. Try the thick zebu fillets. English …
Zoo in Île Sainte Marie


About halfway down the southern road, just before Vohilava, this small private zoo and botanical garden showcases regional flora and fauna. It takes about an hour to see.
Club in Ambodifotatra

Baramix/La Polina

Nightlife is best found at Baramix/La Polina, a disco that starts up after 8pm.
Chinese in Ambodifotatra

Du Quai

The food here is way above average, but the prices aren’t.
Lighthouse in Île Sainte Marie

Fanilo Albrand Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a landmark on Ile Sainte Marie.
Club in Île Sainte Marie

Casa à Nono

The main night spot – it's near the airport.
Pizza in Ambodifotatra

Pizza Mama Santa

Great wood-fired pizza.