To & From the Airport

The airport is located at the southern tip of the island, 13km south of Ambodifotatra. A tuk-tuk or taxi-brousse for this route costs Ar5000 per person, and a taxi Ar20,000 for up to three people. To Loukintsy, a tuk-tuk is Ar7000 per person and a taxi Ar35,000.


Virtually every hotel and all kinds of other places have bikes of varying quality for hire. The going rate is from Ar15,000 per day. Once off the paved road you need a mountain bike, and even then going will be difficult in stretches.

Car & Motorcycle

  • The whole food chain of motorised vehicles – including cars, buggies, quads, motorcycles and scooters – is available for hire. If you wish to travel in a group, you can hire a car and driver through any high-end hotel; negotiations start at Ar250,000 per day.
  • The well-run Quad Sainte Marie has quads and buggies from Ar300,000 per day, including fuel and a guide – the experience of open-air driving around the island is priceless.
  • That same experience, or perhaps an even better one, can be had much more cheaply by renting a dirt bike from a mere Ar50,000 per day plus petrol from the rental agent near the Bank of Africa in Ambodifotatra. If you know how to ride a motorcycle, and have the right insurance, you can handle this upgrade, but you must be careful of sudden sand traps in the road.
  • Finally, for those who wish to putt-putt along sealed surfaces, you can pick up a scooter from around Ar40,000 per day, which is a lot of fun, too. If your hotel doesn’t have any, you’ll see them for rent along the main road in Ambodifotatra.

Taxi & Taxi-Brousse

There are a few taxis-brousses on Île Sainte Marie. A ride north along the road from Ambodifotatra to the northern tip is Ar15,000 (two hours). Private taxis are more common, though disproportionately expensive. They usually hang out by the harbour in Ambodifotatra. You have a reasonable chance of flagging one down along the airport road. Tariffs are fixed and posted at the tourist office and hotel receptions: it’s Ar20,000 to the airport, Ar35,000 to Loukintsy.