Foulpointe (Mahavelona) in detail

Flights & getting there

Foulpointe lies 58km north of Tamatave. Minibuses depart from the Tamatave taxi-brousse station daily, generally in the mornings (Ar5000, 1½ hours).

For short hops, such as to Mahambo or Fenoarivo-Atsinanana, you can try flagging down just about any vehicle going in the right direction; hotel vehicles may be able to take you all the way to Tamatave, but you’ll have to pay at least the equivalent of the taxi-brousse fare.

Several vehicles daily pass Foulpointe on their way between Tamatave and Soanierana-Ivongo. Heading south, when they pass Foulpointe depends on what time the ferry from Île Sainte Marie arrives at Soanierana-Ivongo. Heading north, wait by the road side before 9am to get to Soanierana-Ivongo in time for the best boats.